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My Nguyen
3 min readNov 15, 2021

Blogging is a very interesting personal experience for me. I haven't been able to write anything for a while, even when I sat there in front of my screen for hours, not a single word can come out..but other times, my story would takes 10 minutes to complete.

Sydney has been out of lockdown for a month now and life has been back to normal and super busy…cos you know, everyone wants to catch up after not seeing any real humans for 3–4 months.

My first catch up being hotpot :) it was non stop laughters for like 3 hours. It was so fun we sat till the end of the night until the restaurant kicked us out so they can close up.

And anything after that first catch up has just been a blur for me. During that time me and 2 other friends launched Noble. Noble sells Australian and American made products to the local Vietnamese. We provide end to end service, from sourcing, to logistic and final product in our precious customers hands. So it has definitely been sooo crazy for me. Juggling between my full time work, launching Noble and then my regular responsibilities as well. But then again, if we didn’t do any of that, I never would have thought I am capable of doing so many things at once. Me and my friend were on like 5–6 hours of sleep each night for a while and it was definitely getting to us. Things are better now, we are getting used to it. So cheers to Noble and beyond !!!!

Noble Corp

How about Crypto? LOL given my busy schedule, I have only managed to get 1 NFT thus far and knows nothing else about any new projects or what it does. Especially with Terra, it is just so crazy, unless you dedicate 70% of your life to it, you will probably not going to keep up with everything.

BUT I did manage to get some Dogekwon and got scammed. Its okay though because we will be reimbursed one of these days so I have heard. In Terra I trust :)

Last but not least, I recently met some new people through our weekly family gatherings ( daunting). Given the current situation, meeting new people and hang out is definitely an “awesome” timing right now, but when is a good time if not now? 1 person just started a new job, 1 is doing her final exams, 1 has launched a business. YOLO.

So that is my life in a picture.. hopefully things goes well and I will be human again in the new year.



My Nguyen

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