My Current Revenue stream from Terra

My Nguyen
3 min readApr 15, 2022

I know right now there are so many ways to earn money from crypto, from staking, to trading and holding NFTs, pursuing decentral-land, creating your own nodes, and so on so forth.

I don’t participate in most of the mentioned methods above but I can share with you all how I currently earn my shares of airdrops and interests from staking what I have.

My investment is about 95% Terra with Luna being my majority asset. I cannot express how much I like Terra and its continuous ongoing projects. With the nature of their never ending activities, Luna's value also continues to rise.

As part of Terra, there are hundreds of projects and things you can do to earn some extra income. For me personally, I use the following:

  • Deposit some savings into Earn, to get about 19.5% annualise interest. Most people put their Luna down as collateral to borrow money and diversify their investment, sometimes even getting rewarded in ANC for taking a loan. However, for me, I don’t want to take the risk of being liquidated or having to worry in my sleep, so I choose to chuck some money in there and just forget about it. Each day I am earning about $3.5-$4. The plus is that you can take the money out anytime. I made a mistake in the past where I had about 2k spare for about 2 weeks, so I purchased some Luna and was hoping to sell within 2 weeks to make some money; however the value drop right after I bought, I ended up waiting for 2 months before I got my money back =))
  • Farm your Bluna — Luna in Astroport pool to get about 17% annualise interest; paid in Astro token. Ever since I started using Astroport, the value of Astro token has been increasing so I think the payout is really nice. Once the value starts dropping, you could always swap what you have to UST to hold the value. Currently, I have Bluna — Luna and Mine — UST in Astroport. Below are the current annual returns I am getting as of today (15th April 22); The interests I am getting for Mine — UST are paid out as Mine token; as most of you already know, Mine value has plummeted so I am just sitting on a bunch of Mine that isn't worth much.

  • Prism Protocol; I staked a small bag of Lunas here to earn Prism tokens. The current APY shows below:

This staking is nice as you can instantly unstake if required instead of having to wait for 21 days.

  • Last but not least; I will always have my Luna staked with validators using the classic way from Terra Station. Always keep some Lunas here because occasionally when there are new projects going live, Luna stakers will get airdrops.

These are the current ways where I get my extra interests each day. It is not a significant amount to some people but it is fairly significant comparing to the interest you get from the bank.

If you have better ways of how you are currently earning your interests/airdrops, please share with me or if there are way better ways to put my Lunas away, let me know!



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